Inserting Dialogue


An update on my memoir:

At this point, writing dialogue is easy. I’ve already written the words. I just have to relinquish control of them. Some of my words can no longer remain my words but must be returned to their character, as I heard them spoken. Inserting more dialogue adds dimension and further brings my story to life. I strive to put my readers first. Fine tuning the voices within my text will allow my characters to become my readers’ characters. And that’s the whole point. My story belongs to others, and I need to gift it to others in ways that best serve them. I believe this minor modification will create value.

Transforming My Memoir


Some of you know I originally self-published in 2007. It was with a great sense of urgency that I released my book in hopes of helping others. After a few years of conducting anti-bullying programs in schools, I stepped back and asked myself how I could better present a positive message. I found my answer in examining my thoughts and actions. Recently, it became evident I need to overhaul my book to honor God, my family, and my readers with the best version I can possibly produce. Here are three things you can expect:

1.)  Title: Tentatively Blessed by Bullying.

2.) Audience. Most people associate bullying with children. However, my message is tailored for teenagers and adults who have carried the shame of bullying for years after school.

3.) Tone and Style. The process of personal growth doesn’t always feel good. It’s hard work and often involves many failures to achieve even one small victory. Thankfully, I am surrounded by an extraordinary group of people who encourage my thinking and, in the process, help me improve my actions. They challenge me to look at how I speak of, talk to, and value others. My improved perspective carries over to my description of my characters and the events I experienced. I write dynamically by asking more questions rather than always making statements. My story is conversational because I want to help my readers ask themselves questions about their stories and move beyond their triggers of defeat toward triumph.

I am excited about the transformation of my memoir. It is, in fact, a new book! I hope you will stay updated on its progress and be amongst the first to read it.


Welcome to Blessed by Bullying. Like so many of you, I have a story. It has transformed me into the resilient person I am today. You can read more about it here. I invite you to follow me as I write my memoir, Blessed by Bullying.

You too can be blessed by bullying. It is my prayer for you to be lifted up here by the saving grace of Jesus. He understands. He cares. He loves you. He has “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). You are significant, and you deserve to feel loved and embraced. I hope this is a place of value to you, where you feel supported and challenged to grow your perspectives and nurture your strengths.